Koljonvirta area is full of culture and activities

Disc Golf
Koljonvirta Camping & Catering has a 9-cage disc golf course circling around the vast grass area of the camping site. You can use your own discs or rental ones available at the camping site info.

The national author Juhani Aho had a one favourite pastime over others, fishing. At Koljonvirta you can enjoy fishing at various locations, e.g. at the same spot the author himself used to fish. A place which is now called ‘Jussin onkikivi’.

You can rent a canoe and life vest from the camping site. From Koljonvirta you can either paddle towards north, to Iijärvi and Vieremä. Or towards south where you are paddling across the lake Porovesi to reach either Iisalmi or turning west and eventually reaching the historical Runni area or even Kiuruvesi. Across the routes, there are several trek harbors which often offer a place for a break, place where you can spend a night and eat your packed lunch or prepare something small by the fire.

Mini golf
Koljonvirta Camping has a recently renovated miniature golf course. Clubs and balls can be rented form the camping site info.

Horseback Riding
Koljonvirta riding center is located straight next to the camping site and during summer time, you can relax at the camping site beach, kiosk or restaurant/terrace after working out hard on a riding lesson. The riding school at the riding center offers professional teaching with well-trained, -fitting and -cared horses. The horses are capable of both in dressage and show jumping.

You can also bring your skateboard and skate at Koljonvirta Camping. A 2012 built skating ramp serves the needs of the sport enthusiasts. There is also a yearly competitional event called "Kohtuuttoman kovvoo ajua".

There are two beaches for swimming in the Koljonvirta area. Mansikkaniemi beach is located by the close proximity of Juhani Aho’s museum. The other beach is at Koljonvirta Camping & Catering and it serves both travelers and locals alike.

Hiking tracks
Diverse and beautiful Savonian nature together with the fresh, clean air tempts one to stay outside and enjoy the moment. There are several tracks for hiking and you can make it all the way up to Runni spa.

History path
Crossing across the Koljonvirta area, the history path exhibits the aspects of life in heart of Savo. The century long history of settlement combined to the eventful past of the Savo region offer exciting stories for the visitors which will stay in their memories as compassionate stories with a mix of past and present.
The stories, views, monuments and relics are scattered throughout the historical area of Koljonvirta and you will find the tale behind the locations on a board next to a point of interest.

To help you navigate the area you can get a free Koljonvirta map from the tourist information in the market hall or you can download it from here.

If you desire to have a guided tour on the history path, ask for a local guide from the tourist information in the market hall. (Kauppakatu 14, IISALMI)

Juhani Aho’s museum
In the museum you can learn about the 19th century parsonage setting and learn about the life of Juhani Aho, one of the first national authors in Finland. The old artifacts in the museum, collected from the Aho-family and the Iisalmi parsonage, tell the stories of a time when oil lamps were not that common items to have. You can find Aho’s old typewriter, desk and bicycle registration document.

Juhani Aho (1861-1921) lived at Mansikkaniemi parsonage between 1865 and 1876. His father Theodor Brofelt acted as a parson in Iisalmi for 55 years. The buildings in the court of museum are from 1840s, ranging from the main building to old home school, byre and two granary buildings.

Ouluntie 37
Tel. 040-489 4026
e-mail: juhaniahonmuseo@iisalmi.fi

Open 15.5.-31.8. Mon - Sun 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Other times contact cultural centre for show/exhibition reservations

Entry fee: 3 / 2 / 1,5 €

Mansikkaniemi open air summer theatre
You can also enjoy local theatre in the Mansikkaniemi open air theatre during the summer time. Unfortunately the plays are in Finnish so it might be a challenge to understand how the play proceeds. 

Iisalmi tourist information
address: Riistakatu 5.
Open Tue-Fri 10-17 and Sat 10-14 (1.6.-15.8.).


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